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Why the DVR not run after connect the power supply ?

  • 1. Please check the power switch turn on or off at the rear panel of DVR
  • 2. Please use/Select the proper power adapter

Why does appear the boot running too slow?

  • 1. There are too much capacity data in hard disk drive, the system will automatic search the data when the system boot up, caused the boot running slow.
  • 2. The hard disk drive error will cause the system research the data repeatedly, caused the boot running slow.

What is maximum HDD storage available for DVRs?

  • 1. Maximum HDD available is for 2TB=2000GB for Analog dvr’s
  • 2. Maximum HDD available is for 4TB = 4000GB or more for Ahd series.

Why H.264 compression considered the best?

  • H.264 standard based video compression core technology with substantially increased coding efficiency and enhanced robustness to network environments in cost effective embedded platform. This technology will support TV broadcast digital entertainment ,internet streaming and visual communications over broadband and wireless network.

What is the Password of DVR?

  • 1. The Default password of 3 series and 5 series DVR is blank
  • 2. The Default password of 9 series DVR is 123456

While switch ON the dvr, Can Holds Easytech logo?

  • Please un install the hard disk , after un installation same problem will continue contact to local easytech service center.

Software of mobile viewing?

  • 1. Please download ATV_AHD for android phone for 3 series.
  • 2. Download Vmeye cloud for android phone for 5 series.
  • 3. Download Super live pro for android phone for 9 series.

In Easytech DVR’S which one is support for dongle ( data card)..?

  • 1. Only 5 series DVR can support dongle
  • 2. Dongle model no is HUWAEI – E3531

Easytech DVR which is having mailoption facility,if yes,can you mention DVR s.no?

  • Yes, 9 series DVR’s all are having mail option facility.

Unable to remote view the video of DVR

  • 1. Check power and DSL status of modem.
  • 2. Please check the settings of IP address , such as: IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc
  • 3. Please check the settings of DNS , The parameters of DNS1, DNS2 should be set the same as DNS of router.
  • 4. Please check whether the settings of DDNS are correct.


No image on the monitor

  • 1. DC power supply connections used correctly.
  • 2. All signal cable is properly connected. Whether the signal output to the monitor circuit is open circuit/short circuit or not?Whether the connector which connects BNC is good or not?
  • 3. Whether the objects in front of the camera obscured the lens or not?

Image is not clear

  • 1. Monitor is correctly adjusted
  • 2. Image setting is correctly adjusted
  • 3. The lens focus is adjusted correctly
  • 4. The lens surface is clean
  • 5. If there are some dust and fingerprints on the lens the image quality will be poor. Please clean by soft cloth or attached largess of deerskin

Screen appears with vertical bars,video noise geometric distortion?

  • 1. This situation is generally caused by DC power supply. Use good quality DC power supply
  • 2. Wiring is correct
  • 3. Earth line is well grounded

Picture is view in day but not view in night?

  • Properly check the power supply & voltage at camera end in day as well as night

Grains and lining in camera?

  • Use good quality of wire & power supply


1. Do not attempt to disaassemble the camera.
In order to prevent electric shock, do not remove screw or cover. There are no user-serviceable parts inside

2. Handle the camera with care.
The camera could be damaged by improver handling or storage.

3. Do not expose the camera to rain or moisture , or try to operate it in wet areas.
Take immediate action if the camera becomes wet. Turn the power off and refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Moisture can damage the camera and also create a danger if electric shoch.

4. Do not use strong or obrasived detergents when cleaning the camera body.
Use a dry cloth to clean the camera when dirty, in case the dirts hard to remove use a milddetergent and wipe gently.

5. Never point the camera toward the sun.
Whether the camera is used outdoors or not, never point it toward the sun. Use caution when operating the camera in the vicinity of spot lights or other bright light and light reflecting objects.

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